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He Trains My Hands…

So….. I don’t really enjoy doing what is referred to in the Kerr house as “grown up stuff.”

If you want something made pretty or a catchy jingle to hum… I’m you’re gal.

But if you want something organized, phone calls made, or spreadsheets created… well then… yikes.

I’m not saying I don’t do these things. Indeed, I try my best because I am… after all… an actual grown up. I dig deep, procrastinate as long as humanly possible, and then take three times as long as the average grown up would take to accomplish said task.

(Have I mentioned that I can write a pretty darn good limerick in about five minutes flat? I have other skills people.)

I’m learning to embrace my strengths and weaknesses. But lets be honest, just because something isn’t your strength, doesn’t mean that you can avoid it your whole life. The truth is that every day, you and I have to do a million things that we’re just not great at. A million things that are hard for us. A million things that aren’t in our sweet spot. A million things that we don’t have the answers for.

And I’m not just talking about my “to do list.” There are days I have NO idea how to help my kids through the things they are struggling with. There are days when I have no idea the right thing to say to break the tension that has been mounting between my husband and me. There are days when I have no idea how to make the money in my bank account stretch all the ways I need it to stretch.

I find myself praying for wisdom. A lot.

A few years ago I was in the midst of a work project that I had NO idea how to do. I was actually negotiating a contract for an event – and was being quite intimidated by the whole process. I couldn’t have felt more inadequate for the task at hand. One morning I stumbled across this verse:

“Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.” Psalm 144:1 NLT

The word TRAIN in this verse means: to be taught… to learn.

Charles Spurgeon said this: “If we have strength we are not much the better unless we have skill also…. Therefore the Psalmist blesses the Lord as much for TEACHING as for STRENGTH.”

He goes on to say,” [This is] also PRACTICAL. God helping David with skills he needs for everyday living. For him, it was battle.”

Isn’t that fantastic!

David was a soldier. His every day job was walking into battle and fighting against an enemy. And he was thanking God for giving him the SKILLS that he would need to accomplish the task of the day.

Basically this verse was saying:

“I praise the Lord who teaches me how to do the thing I have to do today.”

I am claiming that promise with every inch of my being.

“Praise the Lord who TEACHES me how to be a better wife and mother.”

“Praise the Lord who SHOWS me how to come up with creative solutions for my job.”

“Praise the Lord who is giving me every SKILL I need to effectively face everything I have to do today.”

God has promised us abounding wisdom. (James 1:5) His Holy Spirit whispers creative solutions in our ears that we KNOW would have never come from our own understanding.

I’m praying that today, the Lord would “train your hands for war and give your fingers skill for battle.” That in moments of uncertainly – you would hear His whisper and know EXACTLY what do to. When you aren’t sure what to say, that the Holy Spirit would put words on your tongue that most certainly aren’t your own. And in moments of doubt, you would feel His presence reminding you that He is close and has every answer you need.

For every single thing you will face today.

Even the grown up stuff.



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