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Olivia Hates Pink

My son just turned 9, and we had a party for him last week. A “Super Mario Brothers Galaxy 2” party to be exact. So we made up invitations and sent them out to 10 of Charlie’s best friends. And in the midst of those receiving the coveted invite, were two little girls; JoJo and […]

I Need A Sign

I read a pretty interesting passage of scripture this morning: “Ask the Lord your God for a sign of confirmation…Make it as difficult as you want – as high as heaven or as deep as the place of the dead.” Isaiah 7:11 NLT My first thought after reading this command was “Really? Do we really […]

My Portion

Phew. There’s a lot of stuff going on. My heart has been so heavy for friends going through difficult circumstances. Sickness. Death. Abuse. Unrest. Loneliness. Injury. Persecution. Lack. It’s easy to worry. But this morning I was reading Psalm 73:25-26 which says, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of […]

Thumbs Up – Thumbs Down

I’ve started listening to Pandora. For those of you that are even FURTHER behind the techy-wagon than I am – Pandora is an online radio station. The coolest thing about Pandora is that you can type in an artist that you like, and they will select similar songs and artists and create your very own […]

He Trains My Hands…

So….. I don’t really enjoy doing what is referred to in the Kerr house as “grown up stuff.” If you want something made pretty or a catchy jingle to hum… I’m you’re gal. But if you want something organized, phone calls made, or spreadsheets created… well then… yikes. I’m not saying I don’t do these […]

Is It September Yet?

I was judgy. I admit it. Every year I would read about the mothers who were counting down the days until their kiddos went back to school and posted gleeful pics of themselves enjoying brunch on the veranda with their girlfriends on the first day of school and I would self-righteously think to myself, “I […]