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The Right Person for the Job

  This is the SOS text my sister sent to my husband a few weeks ago.                   My niece is still trying to get the hang of the ole two wheeler and for some reason she doesn’t want anyone to teach her but her “Uncle Jeeeffff.” (Imagine […]

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Fully Devoted Fathers

Excerpt from “Either He’s God or He’s Not” by Jeff Kerr   That day was a beautiful June day in Minnesota. Kristie was 28 weeks pregnant, I had the day off of work and I was about to go golfing. Kristie mentioned to me that she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t know if anything was […]

Spiritual Parenting 101

  I wouldn’t say I’m a model parent.   Nope. Not even close.   There are Moms who run a crack ship and whose children never have knots in their disheveled hair.   I am not one of those Moms.   Kerr’s tend to follow a more…. “relaxed” approach to parenthood. We like to go […]


So, today was a fairly odd day for me. My youngest daughter is in half –day Kindergarten, but she went to a friend’s house afterschool today.  So I have been alone… in my house… for the last 6 hours. Weird. I picked up this morning… and everything is still picked up.  I lit some candles… […]

Job’s Wife

There are a lot of names you could call me that would roll right off my back. Procrastinator…. Tis true. Messy… always have been. Overzealous… occasionally. But if there is one word that I would absolutely cringe at… to the core of my being… if you were to utter it in the same sentence as […]

Keep Me from The Crazy

Jesus is funny. Not ha-ha funny… but funny in how He deals with me. Like how He randomly slams me with something deep, and hidden in my heart… things I perhaps knew were there but were very far from my consciousness and yet nevertheless a part of the framework of my life. This morning I […]