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The Father’s Heart

Why do I have such a hard time embracing the fact that God loves me?

The thought of God as our Heavenly Father should be one of comfort and security. But many of us have a skewed idea of who God the Father is and what His heart is for us.  Our first emotion in relation to Him is fear.  We don’t really believe that we can trust His hand.  We are convinced we are letting Him down.  Something inside us cannot accept He loves us no matter what.

In “The Father’s Heart,” we will dive into the love God has for His daughters. We will learn that His intentions for us are kind and good.  We will discover His love isn’t conditional on us doing more or sinning less.   As we seek out the truth of His character, we will let go of who He is not, and grab hold of who He really is.

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The Search for Me

Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom. Friend. Volunteer. Employer. Chauffeur. Employee. Housekeeper.

With so many roles to play, it’s easy to lose our sense of self and feel completely absorbed by our daily duties. We can invest so much into the jobs we are doing, that we wake up one day and can’t remember who we are as a person.

In this Bible Study, Kristie Kerr will help us rediscover the truth of who God made each of us to be, and how we can serve faithfully in every area of our lives without losing ourselves in the process.

Designed for use in a large group, small group, or for individual study, this study contains eight lessons, group discussion questions, as well as a section for personal reflection and study. Chapters include:

Chapter 1: What About Me? My Life and Purpose
Chapter 2: What Do I Want? Understanding Our Desires
Chapter 3: Major Meltdown: Dealing With Burnout
Chapter 4: The Weight of the World: Surviving Guilt
Chapter 5: This is My Life: Owning It and Living It
Chapter 6: Money, Money, Money: Not Letting Money Rule Your Life
Chapter 7: Help, I’m Lost: Losing Yourself in Your Roles
Chapter 8: Give it a Rest: Honoring a Sabbath

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Either He’s God or He’s Not

What if it’s ALL true?

What if God is who He says He is?

The Bible doesn’t simply tell us about a God that exists and created everything. It tells us about a God who is sovereign and powerful, a God who is loving and merciful, a God who wants to forgive us and have a relationship with us. He is a God who wants to direct our lives, leading and guiding us in abundant life as one of His children. He is the God who is able to provide for us, take care of us, heal us, speak to us and who wants us to completely trust Him in every area of our lives.

Do we believe that He is THIS God? Or rather, the more important question is this: Do we live as though we believe that He is THIS God?

In Either He’s God Or He’s Not, Jeff Kerr challenges you to consider what life looks like when you truly believe in THIS God—A life lived in full devotion and faith, willing to risk it all for Him—a life lived at peace, free from worry and fear, knowing God is faithful to provide everything we need—a life that is no longer lived for self, but completely for God.

Either He’s God or He’s not.

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Why is it that I can walk into a store with every intention of only buying the things on my list, and yet walk out with a cart full of stuff I don’t need? Why am I determined to loose those pesky few pounds, and yet find myself eating a triple scoop of Peanut Butter Panic? Why can I feel the tug in my heart warning me not to share that story, and yet I find myself telling it anyway? Why do I think about the negative things that I know will ruin my day?

When I get to the heart of the matter, I realize that many of the things I struggle with are simply a result of the fact that I don’t discipline myself. I don’t do what I know I should do. I don’t stop and make the right choice. I am undisciplined.

The Bible has much to say about self-discipline. We are to be in control of our minds, mouths, bodies, checkbooks, and every other area of our lives. And the truth is if we can’t discipline ourselves with the little things, eventually we will find ourselves undisciplined in the big things.

In this study, we will learn together how to be purposeful in our choices and actions. We will learn to train ourselves in the area of self-discipline and discover the true freedom that is found in a life that is simply controlled by Jesus.

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