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Either He’s God or He’s Not

What if it’s ALL true?

What if God is who He says He is?

The Bible doesn’t simply tell us about a God that exists and created everything. It tells us about a God who is sovereign and powerful, a God who is loving and merciful, a God who wants to forgive us and have a relationship with us. He is a God who wants to direct our lives, leading and guiding us in abundant life as one of His children. He is the God who is able to provide for us, take care of us, heal us, speak to us and who wants us to completely trust Him in every area of our lives.

Do we believe that He is THIS God? Or rather, the more important question is this: Do we live as though we believe that He is THIS God?

In Either He’s God Or He’s Not, Jeff Kerr challenges you to consider what life looks like when you truly believe in THIS God—A life lived in full devotion and faith, willing to risk it all for Him—a life lived at peace, free from worry and fear, knowing God is faithful to provide everything we need—a life that is no longer lived for self, but completely for God.

Either He’s God or He’s not.

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