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The Search for Me

Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom. Friend. Volunteer. Employer. Chauffeur. Employee. Housekeeper.

With so many roles to play, it's easy to lose our sense of self and feel completely absorbed by our daily duties. We can invest so much into the jobs we are doing, that we wake up one day and can't remember who we are as a person.

In this Bible Study, Kristie Kerr will help us rediscover the truth of who God made each of us to be, and how we can serve faithfully in every area of our lives without losing ourselves in the process.

Designed for use in a large group, small group, or for individual study, this study contains eight lessons, group discussion questions, as well as a section for personal reflection and study. Chapters include:

Chapter 1: What About Me? My Life and Purpose
Chapter 2: What Do I Want? Understanding Our Desires
Chapter 3: Major Meltdown: Dealing With Burnout
Chapter 4: The Weight of the World: Surviving Guilt
Chapter 5: This is My Life: Owning It and Living It
Chapter 6: Money, Money, Money: Not Letting Money Rule Your Life
Chapter 7: Help, I’m Lost: Losing Yourself in Your Roles
Chapter 8: Give it a Rest: Honoring a Sabbath

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